Kids – MangoKids Gulet Cruise

Doing very little whilst being well fed.

Brave little Thomas whirling in his float, Naked boy Lawrence jumping off the boat.

Careful Kathryn! You don’t want any scarring. What’s Letti up to? I can’t hear her talking.

Put your shirt on Rhys, you’re looking like a lobster, Anton’s busy playing as a game playing master.

Kiel’s found his calling as the captain of the ship, “Elliot, put your rash vest on! You’re going for a dip.”

Joe’s got his eye on Mum in case she needs protecting, While Conor watches everyone and takes in everything.

The grown-ups laze around soaking up the sun, Alcohol flows; the giggles grow – they’re having lots of fun.

Strangers come to Mango from England and Wales. For a week of shared adventure – friendship never fails.

Thanks Cap’n, Anne, Chef and Ramazan for making it fun, We’ll never forget this week, shame it’s nearly done.

With thanks to Di Morgan on holiday with MangoKids 2010

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